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Pretty Personal 3 Tips: Related Literature Dilemma Hacks

Can’t find these certain supporting literature for your study? Having a hard time of what and how to write related literature? Doubtful of your sentence reconstruction?

Worry less dear student, because here are the 3 effective tips that might help you on the right path in finishing your related literature. Continue reading “Pretty Personal 3 Tips: Related Literature Dilemma Hacks”

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Beat Your Tough Adulting Productivity Issues

Adulting is real.

You come to a point of your life that productivity is no longer at your arm’s length. Feeling productive is even a struggle. Why? You’re employed, working an 8-5 day shift, monthly salary, and anything in between.  But why do you still feel lacking? Maybe that’s the problem? That never-changing schedule of your life? Only your body that moves with it but your mind was left somewhere.

That’s probably it!

Your life is revolving around one cycle…job and home. Honestly, that’s barely something you can describe as life. Why do you feel tired of life when you shouldn’t be…if you’re actually living it the way you feel like it? Do you want to be productive for yourself? Did you ever ask that? If yes, that’s good then. Otherwise, no worries. In this blog, seat down and think about what you want to actually do with your life.

Afterall, you are here to beat adulting101 pain in the ass.

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