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Angeles: The City of Boundless Fun

If you’re in for an unforgettable and exciting experience,  better start packing your things now and book the earliest flight you can get to your next destination- Angeles City.

Angeles City is a metropolitan city located in Pampanga, Philippines. With its accessible central location to other different towns, it is a perfect first destination you to begin an adventure in the Philippines. Travel abroad with ease as our city has an international airport built just inside the famous American military base, the Clark Freeport Zone. Shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, sports,  relaxation, historical place, activity hotspots – name it and you’ll definitely find it this fun and vibrant city.  Explore and ask around as most of our locals can converse in English and don’t be overwhelmed with our hospitality and friendliness. Return that smile and laugh along with our fun locals!
What you shouldn’t miss?
Sure, there are numerous exciting things to do in our city when you visit, but what should be on the priority list of your travel itinerary? With no further do, let’s dig into that. Prepare your notes and let’s highlight that best of the best.

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