Hi there! I’m Aly, I’m a 94-liner who thinks that ninjas and shamans are real. I’m the sole owner (no heir or heiress) and editor-in-chief (I love to call it that way) of Nonstopscribble Blog. You see, I always strive to become better in the field of writing. Writing has become my way of expressing my research, creative writings, restless thoughts, ideas, and experiences that basically keep on bugging me 24/7. And this blog is my outlet for these.

If you happen to wonder where I got this blog’s name, it’s nothing heroic and dramatic, I just got it from my old habit of doodling and scribbling weird things whenever I get bored. Fortunately, I did get the most out of this habit by landing a few writing gigs and career opportunities. I’m now a Freelance Digital Marketer providing various VA services to clients around the globe (Sounds too fancy!).

PS I have a soft heart for sunset sceneries ❤