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Know More About Working at GoTranscript and 3 Easy Steps to Apply

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Updates: (Please read)

(March 28, 2018): I’m no longer active at GoTranscript so there could be recent changes in their processing system and other rules and regulations that don’t reflect in this outdated post.

(July 26, 2018):

  1. Please don’t ask me to do your test jobs. It’s just so….wrong.  You’re like asking someone to attend a job interview on your behalf.
  2. I can give you tips and review the format of your transcript but I’m not going to listen to the audio and edit your transcript.
  3. I’ve received messages about test takers not receiving updates about their test results. If you didn’t receive an update within the time frame they’ve advised after submitted your transcript, I can only think of one reason why. However, it’s always better to check and follow-up to make sure your application was not overlooked. You can email them at
  4.  I have no idea about the rate of an editor and the process of applying.  What I’m sure is, they have a higher rate than the transcribers. I think the highest average rating I got was .2 away from being qualified to apply for the editor role, I repeat–qualified to apply. I already stopped after getting a rating because the work is extremely time-consuming and my original intention was to experience it. Also, a few mistakes on your transcript can affect your rating drastically. Like, one mistake, your one transcript will have 4.5 ratings, which of course, will affect your average ratings. Just imagine the frustrations (#realtalk).
  5. Your earnings, of course, depends on how much work you can finish while still maintaining the quality of each output. If you send me a message asking about earnings on average per week or per month, this is the answer.
  6. Failing is also part of learning. Review the guidelines again, don’t rush the test. Review everything before submitting. Observe the correct use of punctuation, correct verbatim, spellings, etc. If you’re not sure of the words you hear, use slowdown and listen to it over and over again until you get the idea of what the speakers are talking about. Research on the subject if you’re not sure of the unfamiliar words you heard.


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Q: What is GoTranscript?

A: GoTanscript is simply an online-only transcription and translation company.  They offer a freelance transcription job. Employed,  unemployed or even students looking for a summer job, you’re most welcome to apply and be part of their growing professional transcriptionists/transcribers team. Work at the comfort of your home and manage your own time.

gotranscript apply, gotranscript, gotranscript editor pay, gotranscript pay, how to work on gotranscript, gotranscript editor test

Q: What will I need to apply as a transcriber?

A: Computer, good quality headset or earphones, internet connection, email address, research, listening and English skills.

Note: If you can’t buy a good quality headset yet, you can depend on Samsung earphones. It has a fairly good quality at an affordable price.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Through PayPal or Payoneer account. I recommend PayPal since it does not charge transfer of payment fee. GoTranscript generates all the earnings you’ve accumulated for every week which you can decide whether you’d like to “Request For Payment” or generate more earnings and later on request payment. GoTranscript pays every Friday.  Apparently, if you’ve requested later than Friday, let’s say Wednesday (later, not prior to the date of earnings generation), you’ll have to wait for Friday before payment will be transferred to your account. This is yet something I have to verify.

Based on my experience, I’ve received the payment after 3 days. I’ve requested payment on Friday and received a notification from PayPal the next Monday.

Q: How much am I going to earn?

A: Honestly, it depends on how fast, efficient and accurate you can transcribe. The earnings will be very little if you’re a beginner and slow. Accuracy also counts since you’ll be rated by the editors. There’s also a time frame for every work you’ll choose to work on.

If you want to know the pay rate, since I’m not sure if I can disclose it here, you can drop me a message at my contact box and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Personally speaking, I’m working here not really for the extra income alone, but rather for the skills I’ll be able to develop in time. I think additional skills will pay off. Moreover, since I’m not a native English speaker, I get to enhance my listening skills and familiarity with different accents. My patience has been so tested here since day 1.

Q: You’ve mentioned about the work being rated by editors and time frame, can you elaborate?

A: Once you’ve finished the audio you’ve chosen to work on, editors will review your work and rate it.  And yes, you have the freedom to choose which audio you’d like to do. Since the quality of audio and clarity of the speakers in the audio vary, you can listen to the audio first and check if you can do it.

The rating scale is from 1 to 5. As I’ve mentioned, research skills, listenings skills, and accuracy are needed to survive this type of job. As a way to assure the quality output of the transcribers, ratings are given to evaluate if the transcriber is competent or not. Editors will give ratings accordingly, you’ll get a report of what has been corrected of your output. Editors will also leave necessary comments.

So, here’s what to know about the ratings and etc. 

  • Evaluation of ratings will cover the work you’ve done in the last 60 days.
  • Average rating of 3.5 below will disqualify you from working as a transcriber at GoTranscript.
  • Average ratings of 4.5 and above (at least 20 transcriptions done), you may work as an editor.
  • For the newbies, you’re not yet eligible to access all the jobs unless you get at least an average ratings of 4  with at least 5 output done.
  • The length of audio per work is 5 or10 minutes. Say, if a client’s audio is an hour long, it will be split into 12 or 6  parts. Every audio, you’ll be given 4 or 6 hours. If you need an extension, you can do so. Extension given is normally 30 minutes.
  • If you took a job and later on realized that it’s too hard for you, you can always refuse the job and find other ones. A penalty is given to those who hold job for too long. Decide within the first hour if possible.
  • Additional notes from the client should always be observed such as timestamping instructions, names, topic, specific terms and etc.

Q: How can I earn more?

A: First is, be an editor. Editors are paid much more than the transcribers. If you will set a goal of becoming one, work hard on it and be patient. Haste makes waste. Produce quality output and focus on the job. It will certainly pay off. Remember, you’ll need to achieve average ratings of 4.5 and above with at least 20 transcriptions done.

Second, you really need to be cautious of the audio you will transcribe. Choose wisely. Take advantage of that freedom to choose. Choose the speaker accent you’re more used to. If an audio is too hard for you, then don’t work on it. It will be more time-consuming for you. A clear audio and clear content will make your work easier and faster.  Also, you can consider transcribing audios with topics that are closely related to your other profession, with that, you can easily identify professional terms or jargons since you’re familiar with them.

So far, these are the things that I can share with you guys. You’ll learn much more once you become a transcriber. How to get started? How to apply? Guidelines to follow on taking test? Proceed below.

3 Easy Steps to Apply

1st Step: Click Apply to GoTranscript and create an account

  • Once you arrived on the page, the process will be VERY EASY.  Create an account/register just by providing your email address and password and you’re done. It will log you in directly.

2nd Step: Click the “APPLY BUTTON” to begin with the transcription test

  • BUT, before you proceed with the test, MAKE SURE YOU READ THEIR GUIDELINES AND REVIEW THE NECESSARY RULES TO APPLY. You have to be patient and learn. Learning will take you somewhere, so keep on learning. The guidelines have included links to see reference samples that you can review. Sample references include clean verbatim, full verbatim and with timestamping options.
  • If you think you’re ready to take the test, you can proceed. The test has no time limit so take your time. Researching is important. You can go back to the guidelines if you forget something. Do not forget to review thoroughly before submitting your work.

3rd Step: Submit your test

  • After submitting your test, GoTranscript Team will normally give you within10 days before the result of your test comes out. However, if you would like to receive it earlier or within 5 days,  simply share their link on any of your social media accounts.
  •  If you have passed their test, you’ll receive an email from GoTranscript Team within10-5 days to confirm the acceptance of your application.

Exact email subject text below:

“Application accepted. You can now start working.”

And that’s it! I hope the above information has helped you in some ways. If you have other questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop a message at my contact box.



"If things go wrong and out of your control, don't feel bad, see it as a drive to improve yourself mentally and emotionally."

6 thoughts on “Know More About Working at GoTranscript and 3 Easy Steps to Apply

  1. Thank you for this information. I shall look further into this. I’ve done a certificate in Professional Editing and Proofreading, however I think this transcribing would be a good place to start generating some extra income. Also an excellent experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ms.Josephine, I think you’ll be more than qualified to apply as an editor. You’ll just have to achieve a certain average rating. As what I’ve written in this post, evaluation of ratings will cover the work you’ve done in the last 60 days. Average ratings of 4.5 and above (at least 20 transcriptions done), you may qualify and apply to work as an editor.

      PS. I do agree that this is an excellent experience.


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