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Five ‘No-no’ Practices of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not an alien word anymore. Today, outsourcing had been seen as cost efficient support to businesses and individuals. It continuously digs its edge and worth in the world of business, most specifically to workforce. It grows along with competition. The cycle and challenge of keeping up with this industry’s competition, caused outsourcing companies to bring out not only new ideas and strategies but also practices that will stand out among the rest. However, given that these outsourcing practices are generally results of competition and pressure combined, it relatively entails that there are good and bad ones. And this article will provide the 5 outsourcing practices that companies need to stop doing.

1.)             Narcissist Approach

As other outsourcing companies tend to talk about themselves more than necessary, it might give a bad impression to potential clients who are mainly seeking for skills, not public speakers. With these potential clients who are solely after contracting services that can support them, company is losing much more because of unnecessary long speeches.

2.)             Cost and Quality

It’s not new that when clients seek assistance from outsourcing company, aside from avoiding the process of hiring new employee and the high cost it’ll incur, they’re most probably after the quality of the service as well. Keep the balance between cost and quality. This approach may contribute in building good impression, boost customer loyalty and satisfactory rate.

3.)             General Promises

We promise. We promise best assistance. We promise best skills. Stop these general promises bring the strategy to whole another level. Outsourcing companies must begin providing clear and specific services as much as possible. Perhaps, initially identifying the worker’s main industry is not a bad idea at all.

4.)             Too Formal Syndrome

Considering taking different approaches depending on one’s culture and practices. There are times that too formal approaches tend to make clients uncomfortable and create awkward conversation.

5.)             Neutral

Since not all outsourcing companies provide continuous training for their employees, it’s about time to start resolve this before it’s too late. Engaging workers to continuous learning can be a key strength to retain employees and boost their drive to work more efficiently.

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