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Beat Your Tough Adulting Productivity Issues

Adulting is real.

You come to a point of your life that productivity is no longer at your arm’s length. Feeling productive is even a struggle. Why? You’re employed, working an 8-5 day shift, monthly salary, and anything in between.  But why do you still feel lacking? Maybe that’s the problem? That never-changing schedule of your life? Only your body that moves with it but your mind was left somewhere.

That’s probably it!

Your life is revolving around one cycle…job and home. Honestly, that’s barely something you can describe as life. Why do you feel tired of life when you shouldn’t be…if you’re actually living it the way you feel like it? Do you want to be productive for yourself? Did you ever ask that? If yes, that’s good then. Otherwise, no worries. In this blog, seat down and think about what you want to actually do with your life.

Afterall, you are here to beat adulting101 pain in the ass.

1. Take action on your passion.

Passion is something you enjoy doing or something you’re good at. This is simply what you love to do. You just enjoy it and before you know it, time has passed and you’re contented with how you spent it. What’s the magic of passion? Simple. Passion will bestow you solid self-esteem and self-fulfillment.

So, what’s your passion? Are you into writing, photography, arts and designs, fashion, crafts or combination of these? Don’t you want to find out what’s more behind that passion? You might not know. No one can tell unless you take action on your passion.

2. Attend seminars and training programs.

What is more self-fulfilling than giving yourself a chance to know something new, and acquire skills that you can use in the near future? There are short courses and training programs that don’t cost that much. And yes, there are EVEN FREE courses online everywhere. Be resourceful and take initiative. Aside from learning new things, these are plus to your resume and self-confidence. Explore the possibilities and grab courses you’ll actually want to finish and complete. The last thing you want to do is force yourself.

Quick advice: Don’t forget to break a leg when you attend seminars and training!

3. Join competitions or be simply competitive

Healthy competition will always bring the best out of you since you’re challenged and thrilled to win over your competitors. If you want to experience the good side of competition,  look at it positively. Have it as a pill of experience to grow as a person. See competition as a ladder you will climb to reach the better you. And don’t be a sore loser. If you lose, don’t start throwing nasty words. Don’t even think about the word ‘self-pity’ because that is just so wrong. Life is not winning. Life is learning, improving one’s self and discovery. Avoid negative feelings, seize the moment of being challenged and hyped of a goal you want to achieve.

Now that you have a few of the many ideas out there, I hope you give yourself the chance to resolve your personal issue with productivity and self-contentment. There’s no harm in trying. Glowing opportunities are sometimes hidden. Try looking around…


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