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3 Big Contributions of Technology To Your Business Success

You start your own service business. Small or not, yes, you naturally become a business owner. However, being a business owner doesn’t make you successful. Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, it doesn’t guarantee success. Why? The right thing is not enough unless it is accompanied with open-mindedness. And when the word ‘open-mindedness’ comes in, innovation and technology enter the picture.

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Know More About Working at GoTranscript and 3 Easy Steps to Apply

 Q: What is GoTranscript?

A: GoTanscript is simply an online-only transcription and translation company.  They offer a freelance transcription job. Employed,  unemployed or even students looking for a summer job, you’re most welcome to apply and be part of their growing professional transcriptionists/transcribers team. Work at the comfort of your home and manage your own time.

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Three Effective Tips to Be More Productive

Don’t feel confident and productive at all despite being employed? Try these 3 tips to make your life far more interesting!

Are there moments when you feel your life revolves around job and home? Those awful times you feel that you get home exhausted and next in the morning when you get to work, you still feel tired? Why do you feel tired, lacking and not contented? You sit on your chair and think about the tasks you will need to do within the day and when the day ends with the tasks completely, you want something more.

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Broken Promises (Kang Daniel Fanfiction)  

Broken Promises (Kang Daniel Fanfiction)

A story dedicated to Kang Daniel and Wannables.
When everything is not under your control, how time doesn’t always heal the pain, what are the outcomes of your decisions, where true love takes you, and which is the best option to inflict a lesser pain.

*Play the music and start reading*   

“How about me? About us? I thought it will be okay? You said we can get through this as long as we’re together? Now tell me why are you leaving? How can you decide on your own? Tell me! Please…”

“I’m ruining your life. If I stay, you’ll lose the career you have worked hard for many years.”

“It won’t happen. And if it happens, so be it! I can live with that!”

“You’re being unfair! Can’t you see that the people around us are suffering because of our relationship? We’re being selfish!”

“How can you call a person selfish when he just wants to be with the person he loves? Don’t talk as if our relationship is a curse. As if these feelings are evil!”

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Before Mercy – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I don’t know why I started to feel nervous about the fact that Mr. Johanson kept his eyes on me the whole time. The only moment he averted his eyes was when someone called out his attention. Mr. Johanson and I are not totally like ‘Hi! Hello! set up. We talk sometimes about random things especially about our favorite painters, sculptors, and even authors but I never once had a staring contest with him. He’s hot okay, but I don’t gawk at him like some students do. I just can’t imagine doing that, I don’t like it either.

I started stroking my paint brush with zero thoughts of what I was planning to make. It turned out that my blank mind was not really blank because you really have to guess what I had painted.

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Before Mercy – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“Happy birthday to you,” Mom and Dad sang in chorus, “Happy birthday to you.”

They beamed at me lovingly, both holding a colorful three-layered cake as they approached me. The cake has a number ‘9’ shaped lit candle on top. It served as the only light around my dark room. I couldn’t take off my eyes on the candle, it’s beautiful and mysterious at the same time. I turned to my parents again who just stopped walking.

My heart swelled with joy at the sight of them together bringing my birthday cake.

They strode slowly closer so I was able to see their face up close.

And I wished I didn’t let them come closer…

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Before Mercy – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Well, aren’t we cozy here?”

A familiar teasing voice interrupted and in no second I was back to my own seat. I even hit the table with my elbow hard enough that it made an awful sound. Also hard enough for me to cry out in pain. This should be my karma from the table that screams out ‘Take that. This is not your living room. Hornies!’

Curse it, where did that word come from?

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Before Mercy – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

When I spotted an empty round table with four seats, I quickly went there while ignoring the odd looks and attention students were giving us.

“Hello?” I answered Fiona’s call.

“Sai, where are you? Oh God! I’m dead tired!” she exclaimed, her breathing was still heavy.

“WC. Yeah, I bet. ”

“Thanks. Nice choice of Cafeteria, babe. Do you realize how far it is?”

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Before Mercy – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

For the second time of this day, I tried hard to ignore everyone’s eyes and focused on what our Physics teacher is explaining. It was like being stranded on an undiscovered island where in all the infamous ex-convicts are furtively staying. Not only that, how about being stranded with a talking fungus that annoys you every chance he gets, namely Chandler.

“You’re no fun, sunshine,” he faked a sad tone and I barely held myself from puking at his face. He’s been poking me nonstop while babbling stupid stuff like ‘I bet this Physics teacher is gay’, ‘They say pizza is best after a boring day’, ‘I’ll give anything to have a Megan Fox as a teacher’ and endless list goes on and forth.

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Before Mercy – Chapter 5

Chapter 5


The first time I met the 12-year-old Chandler Fox, from what I remember, he was wearing baggy pants and an oversized sweater with a Spiderman design on it. He watched me closely with a hint of curiosity and hostility. I didn’t care since all I wanted is silence. I was barely 11 that time but I already saw how I wanted to be, a loner.

I clearly remembered how Chandler’s parents even reminded him to be nice to me. Neither of us mouthed even a single until his parents left to ask their maid to prepare dinner.

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Before Mercy – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I was totally confused on what I witnessed inside the school. Students are practically talking about something or someone nonstop. They are overly excited while I’m dead flat clueless.

“What’s happening?” I randomly decent student passing by. And by means of a decent person, a student who wears her uniform correctly.

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Before Mercy – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke up feeling better than 3 hours ago. Luckily, I didn’t have another nightmare when I slept again.

The first person who came to my mind?

Chandler Fox.

The way he snapped at me when I refused to fulfill his curiosity. I can’t be guilty of how I treated him. But no matter I ignore it, I am feeling it for some unknown reason. Chandler Fox is not exactly my friend, we are like Tom and Jerry. He intentionally irritates and annoys me. It will be plain weird to go friendly and have a heart-to-heart talk session with him. Isn’t that more awkward?

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