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Know More About Working at GoTranscript and 3 Easy Steps to Apply

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Updates: (Please read)

(March 28, 2018): I’m no longer active at GoTranscript so there could be recent changes in their processing system and other rules and regulations that don’t reflect in this outdated post.

(July 26, 2018):

  1. Please don’t ask me to do your test jobs. It’s just so….wrong.  You’re like asking someone to attend a job interview on your behalf.
  2. I can give you tips and review the format of your transcript but I’m not going to listen to the audio and edit your transcript.
  3. I’ve received messages about test takers not receiving updates about their test results. If you didn’t receive an update within the time frame they’ve advised after submitted your transcript, I can only think of one reason why. However, it’s always better to check and follow-up to make sure your application was not overlooked. You can email them at info@gotranscript.com
  4.  I have no idea about the rate of an editor and the process of applying.  What I’m sure is, they have a higher rate than the transcribers. I think the highest average rating I got was .2 away from being qualified to apply for the editor role, I repeat–qualified to apply. I already stopped after getting a rating because the work is extremely time-consuming and my original intention was to experience it. Also, a few mistakes on your transcript can affect your rating drastically. Like, one mistake, your one transcript will have 4.5 ratings, which of course, will affect your average ratings. Just imagine the frustrations (#realtalk).
  5. Your earnings, of course, depends on how much work you can finish while still maintaining the quality of each output. If you send me a message asking about earnings on average per week or per month, this is the answer.
  6. Failing is also part of learning. Review the guidelines again, don’t rush the test. Review everything before submitting. Observe the correct use of punctuation, correct verbatim, spellings, etc. If you’re not sure of the words you hear, use slowdown and listen to it over and over again until you get the idea of what the speakers are talking about. Research on the subject if you’re not sure of the unfamiliar words you heard.


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Q: What is GoTranscript?

A: GoTanscript is simply an online-only transcription and translation company.  They offer a freelance transcription job. Employed,  unemployed or even students looking for a summer job, you’re most welcome to apply and be part of their growing professional transcriptionists/transcribers team. Work at the comfort of your home and manage your own time.

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Beat Your Tough Adulting Productivity Issues

Adulting is real.

You come to a point of your life that productivity is no longer at your arm’s length. Feeling productive is even a struggle. Why? You’re employed, working an 8-5 day shift, monthly salary, and anything in between.  But why do you still feel lacking? Maybe that’s the problem? That never-changing schedule of your life? Only your body that moves with it but your mind was left somewhere.

That’s probably it!

Your life is revolving around one cycle…job and home. Honestly, that’s barely something you can describe as life. Why do you feel tired of life when you shouldn’t be…if you’re actually living it the way you feel like it? Do you want to be productive for yourself? Did you ever ask that? If yes, that’s good then. Otherwise, no worries. In this blog, seat down and think about what you want to actually do with your life.

Afterall, you are here to beat adulting101 pain in the ass.

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3 Big Contributions of Technology To Your Business Success

You start your own service business. Small or not, yes, you naturally become a business owner. However, being a business owner doesn’t make you successful. Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, it doesn’t guarantee success. Why? The right thing is not enough unless it is accompanied with open-mindedness. And when the word ‘open-mindedness’ comes in, innovation and technology enter the picture.

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1st Letter to Quir

Dear Quir,

Do you still remember the second time we’ve met? I had that weird red hair, wearing an old uniform and thick makeup. Me? I still remember how you stared at me like I was the lowest kind of person you have ever encountered in your life. It broke me how you made it clear that we were not living in the same world. I didn’t hate you because you were right. I knew from the very beginning that my mere existence was nothing but a big mistake to everyone. I was hoping that I was able to hide the pain behind the smile I kept the whole night.

But, Quir, do you still remember the first time we’ve met? That time when we were so young and free? I hope we could wear the same smile again as we enjoyed each other’s company.



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Angeles: The City of Boundless Fun

If you’re in for an unforgettable and exciting experience,  better start packing your things now and book the earliest flight you can get to your next destination- Angeles City.

Angeles City is a metropolitan city located in Pampanga, Philippines. With its accessible central location to other different towns, it is a perfect first destination you to begin an adventure in the Philippines. Travel abroad with ease as our city has an international airport built just inside the famous American military base, the Clark Freeport Zone. Shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, sports,  relaxation, historical place, activity hotspots – name it and you’ll definitely find it this fun and vibrant city.  Explore and ask around as most of our locals can converse in English and don’t be overwhelmed with our hospitality and friendliness. Return that smile and laugh along with our fun locals!
What you shouldn’t miss?
Sure, there are numerous exciting things to do in our city when you visit, but what should be on the priority list of your travel itinerary? With no further do, let’s dig into that. Prepare your notes and let’s highlight that best of the best.

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Five ‘No-no’ Practices of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not an alien word anymore. Today, outsourcing had been seen as cost efficient support to businesses and individuals. It continuously digs its edge and worth in the world of business, most specifically to workforce. It grows along with competition. The cycle and challenge of keeping up with this industry’s competition, caused outsourcing companies to bring out not only new ideas and strategies but also practices that will stand out among the rest. However, given that these outsourcing practices are generally results of competition and pressure combined, it relatively entails that there are good and bad ones. And this article will provide the 5 outsourcing practices that companies need to stop doing.

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Pretty Personal 3 Tips: Related Literature Dilemma Hacks

Can’t find these certain supporting literature for your study? Having a hard time of what and how to write related literature? Doubtful of your sentence reconstruction?

Worry less dear student, because here are the 3 effective tips that might help you on the right path in finishing your related literature. Continue reading “Pretty Personal 3 Tips: Related Literature Dilemma Hacks”