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3 Big Contributions of Technology To Your Business Success

You start your own service business. Small or not, yes, you naturally become a business owner. However, being a business owner doesn’t make you successful. Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, it doesn’t guarantee success. Why? The right thing is not enough unless it is accompanied with open-mindedness. And when the word ‘open-mindedness’ comes in, innovation and technology enter the picture.

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Know More About Working at GoTranscript and 3 Easy Steps to Apply

 Q: What is GoTranscript?

A: GoTanscript is simply an online-only transcription and translation company.  They offer a freelance transcription job. Employed,  unemployed or even students looking for a summer job, you’re most welcome to apply and be part of their growing professional transcriptionists/transcribers team. Work at the comfort of your home and manage your own time.

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Three Effective Tips to Be More Productive

Don’t feel confident and productive at all despite being employed? Try these 3 tips to make your life far more interesting!

Are there moments when you feel your life revolves around job and home? Those awful times you feel that you get home exhausted and next in the morning when you get to work, you still feel tired? Why do you feel tired, lacking and not contented? You sit on your chair and think about the tasks you will need to do within the day and when the day ends with the tasks completely, you want something more.

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Broken Promises (Kang Daniel Fanfiction)  

Broken Promises (Kang Daniel Fanfiction)

A story dedicated to Kang Daniel and Wannables.
When everything is not under your control, how time doesn’t always heal the pain, what are the outcomes of your decisions, where true love takes you, and which is the best option to inflict a lesser pain.

*Play the music then start reading*   

“How can you decide on your own? How about me? About us? I thought it will be okay? You said we can get through this as long as we’re together? Now tell me why are you leaving? Tell me! Please…”

“I’m ruining your life. If I stay, you’ll lose the career you have worked hard for many years.”

“It won’t happen. And if it happens, so be it!”

“You’re being unfair! Can’t you see that the people around us are suffering because of us? We’re being selfish!”

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Before Mercy – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I don’t know why I started to feel nervous about the fact that Mr. Johanson kept his eyes on me the whole time. The only moment he averted his eyes was when someone called out his attention. Mr. Johanson and I are not totally like ‘Hi! Hello! set up. We talk sometimes about random things especially about our favorite painters, sculptors, and even authors but I never once had a staring contest with him. He’s hot okay, but I don’t gawk at him like some students do. I just can’t imagine doing that, I don’t like it either.

I started stroking my paint brush with zero thoughts of what I was planning to make. It turned out that my blank mind was not really blank because you really have to guess what I had painted.

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Before Mercy – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“Happy birthday to you,” Mom and Dad sang in chorus, “Happy birthday to you.”

They beamed at me lovingly, both holding a colorful three-layered cake as they approached me. The cake has a number ‘9’ shaped lit candle on top. It served as the only light around my dark room. I couldn’t take off my eyes on the candle, it’s beautiful and mysterious at the same time. I turned to my parents again who just stopped walking.

My heart swelled with joy at the sight of them together bringing my birthday cake.

They strode slowly closer so I was able to see their face up close.

And I wished I didn’t let them come closer…

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Before Mercy – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Well, aren’t we cozy here?”

A familiar teasing voice interrupted and in no second I was back to my own seat. I even hit the table with my elbow hard enough that it made an awful sound. Also hard enough for me to cry out in pain. This should be my karma from the table that screams out ‘Take that. This is not your living room. Hornies!’

Curse it, where did that word come from?

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Before Mercy – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

When I spotted an empty round table with four seats, I quickly went there while ignoring the odd looks and attention students were giving us.

“Hello?” I answered Fiona’s call.

“Sai, where are you? Oh God! I’m dead tired!” she exclaimed, her breathing was still heavy.

“WC. Yeah, I bet. ”

“Thanks. Nice choice of Cafeteria, babe. Do you realize how far it is?”

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Before Mercy – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

For the second time of this day, I tried hard to ignore everyone’s eyes and focused on what our Physics teacher is explaining. It was like being stranded on an undiscovered island where in all the infamous ex-convicts are furtively staying. Not only that, how about being stranded with a talking fungus that annoys you every chance he gets, namely Chandler.

“You’re no fun, sunshine,” he faked a sad tone and I barely held myself from puking at his face. He’s been poking me nonstop while babbling stupid stuff like ‘I bet this Physics teacher is gay’, ‘They say pizza is best after a boring day’, ‘I’ll give anything to have a Megan Fox as a teacher’ and endless list goes on and forth.

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Before Mercy – Chapter 5

Chapter 5


The first time I met the 12-year-old Chandler Fox, from what I remember, he was wearing baggy pants and an oversized sweater with a Spiderman design on it. He watched me closely with a hint of curiosity and hostility. I didn’t care since all I wanted is silence. I was barely 11 that time but I already saw how I wanted to be, a loner.

I clearly remembered how Chandler’s parents even reminded him to be nice to me. Neither of us mouthed even a single until his parents left to ask their maid to prepare dinner.

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Before Mercy – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I was totally confused on what I witnessed inside the school. Students are practically talking about something or someone nonstop. They are overly excited while I’m dead flat clueless.

“What’s happening?” I randomly decent student passing by. And by means of a decent person, a student who wears her uniform correctly.

The girl stared at me like she was surprised that I actually asked her. I think I know why. “Um. Hello?” I snapped my fingers at her since she was seemingly zooming out.

Her eyes were wide like she was caught making out with a camel. “A-ah. S-sorry. I w-was just sur—”

“Surprised that I talked to you of all people here,” I finished her sentence which she nodded shyly in agreement but still shocked. Now that I observed her appearance. She’s smaller than me and—”Oh my God! You’re an Asian!” I exclaimed. I’m fond of them actually, I had few of Asian friends online. I love them, they’re very nice people.

“Half,” she corrected with unequal excitement or did I just over react? Maybe she isn’t really comfortable and by my assessment, she’s more awkward than I am at the moment. I mouthed ‘oh’ to compensate for how exaggerated I was awhile ago.”Fil-Am,” she added and the next thing I did, surprised us both.

I gave her a big hug. I felt her suck in a deep breath with the sudden contact and I was instantly ashamed of what I did. “Oh God! I’m so sorry! I’m just excited to meet an Asian here at our school. Are you a transferee?”

She didn’t speak but she nodded.I was fidgeting when I noticed her expression. Her face deliberately broke into a wide smile, her eye glistening with appreciation and I badly wanted to tap her shoulder badly. I know the feeling.

“I’m Sania Craig,” I introduced myself too little formal. Hello, I wasn’t exactly someone who does this every day; me talking and meeting new people are less seldom than taking major exams. And consequently, I’m stiff as hell. I could even consider this as one of my high school life’s highlights.

“Leighton Peter,” she said before shyly smiling at me.

“Nice name. Nice meeting you, Leighton,” I offered my hand.

“So you mean the new band of this school is performing tonight at the event hall as a debut performance?”

So basically, students are excited because of nothing. I sighed and shook my head in annoyance.

“Why?” Leighton asked which is barely audible. She has a small voice that suits her small figure.

“I find it unreasonable to be a big deal for students.”

I went to my first subject which is math. Leighton is in the same year as I am. Unluckily, we don’t have a similar class but we have the same lunch time. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet at lunch break so we could eat together.

She transferred here last month because her family migrated here. She told me I was the first student who approached her without looking at her with distaste. To be honest, she’s seriously pretty. Like, someone, you’ll see in teens’ magazine. She has a fair white skin with no freckles at all, chestnut brown straight hair that falls just below her shoulder, symmetrical features, and a nose to die for. Her eyeglasses and brace just made its way to distract people around from seeing how attractive she is.

When I attended my first subject, I realized the room is already full of students. I walked towards my seat which in the front which no one paid attention as usual.

My gorgeous seatmate turned his head and acknowledged me. I gave him a faint smile. And that’s it. We never really talked, we only talked whenever we had a few academic-related questions.

His name is Ethan, he’s the mysterious type of a student. He’s attractive, amazingly smart and he has equal shares of female admirers but he seems to not care and doesn’t spare attention to any of them. Actually, rumors say that he’s rude. Despite being close as an introvert, he’s not a loner, he has two cousins here. Those cousins of him belong to the popular group.

And speaking of the popular group.

The popular group walked through the door. All eyes on them.

The first person who came, the two cousins of my seatmate, Josh and Morgan, both has blonde hair unlike Ethan with dark brown hair. They’re both the loud and friendly type, sexually friendly is what I mean by that. They have the same boyish look and undeniably good-looking. Their family must be a line of celebrities.

Next who came in, behind the cousins, is Jayden. The tallest but leanest, he stands 6 feet and 4 inches and one of the star players of the basketball team. From what I heard, he got into a fight so he is temporarily suspended from playing for the team. He didn’t seem to mind, though.

Next in line are the 3 Barbie dolls, namely Alice, Hailey, and Bree. Surprisingly, they’re not part of the cheerleading team just like how people would be expecting. Instead, they’re the founder of the socialite group of the school. They surely know how to make a plan. Plan to pamper their status and popularity without stretching and being thrown into the air.

Behind the 3 Barbie dolls are the identical twins, Jimmy and Timothy, who are currently talking animatedly. Unlike the typical twins, they’re the closest twins I’ve ever known. They both love music. Sad to say, they both have the same taste with girls. The easy type, just easy but decent lay will do for them. Sporting these attractive gray eyes and dimples, girls come running after them.

Next is the most decent among the girls, Lilybeth, the school student council President. She’s like built into perfection. Tall, great body, intelligent, beautiful face and a good attitude. Rumor says that she likes Nash who’s now behind her.

Nash, the football team’s quarterback. Another person who’s built into perfection. Seeing him is like seeing the present Zach Efron minus the age. I don’t know much about him but I could say he’s a bad ass football player. He barely talks at school, and I personally never once saw him hooked up or pay extra attention to girls.

And turning to the person beside Nash, here comes Rossette, Fiona’s boyfriend. He’s the running back and closest friend of Chandler. He’s a jerk as what I’ve said but he’s the approachable type. His skin is so pale but not to the point that it is disturbing. All in all, an attractive idiot too.

Lastly, Ladies and Gentlemen—

I was snapped from my Emcee-like role when I felt my phone vibrated through my skirt’s pocket. I pulled out my phone at the same noise filled the room because of the popular group’s presence.

2 messages, one from Fiona saying how tired she was and from Leighton.

Leighton: Our professor hasn’t yet arrived. :(-L

I smiled at the screen. I quickly tapped reply.

Me: Ours either. Why the long face?

I quickly sent it and waited for another box to pop. Odd, but I already grew fond of her.

“Who are you texting?” I was startled to see a head in front of me and I nearly dropped my phone because of him. He was eyeing my cell phone trying to read my–

“What the heck,” I hissed sighing dramatically. “What the heck again. Why are you talking to me?” I added giving Chandler a warning, making sure no one can hear me other than him.

Students inside the classroom are all making alienated whispers which are not very good signs.

The cousins are talking animatedly with Ethan but his attention was on us. Nash and Rossette are both beside Chandler, doing the same thing as what Chandler is doing, eyeing my phone like it is an ancient thing. What the heck is wrong with these guys? Am I not allowed to text someone?

I eyed them and rolled my eyes. The guys of the popular group knew that Chandler Fox and I knew each other but they didn’t know that we’re living together. It’s not a big deal for them so it wasn’t a problem at all.

Instead of leaving me alone, Chandler leaned forward and eyed me suspiciously. “You’re not having SOP, are you?”

What SOP are you talking about?!

I knitted my eyebrow since I clearly did not get what he was talking about. “What? Whatever. None of your business. Now don’t talk to me. leave me alone,” I said and dismissed them before pretending to take my notes out of my bag.

“Did she just snap  at Chandler Fox?” someone said with distaste and followed by blah blah blah. Now, I’m the villain here. Good for me. Darn it!

“I can talk to you whenever I want to,” the nosy monkey did not stop. What the heck is wrong with you jerk! He never talked to me inside the school. Why is he suddenly talking to me right now? When I looked up at him, he was serious and quite pissed. What did I do now?

I looked around the room and saw few confused and irritated faces. This is seriously getting worse. You’re so dead, Chandler Fox, and so I am.

Ignoring the whispering, I got up calmly trying not to show any hint of tension. I chose not to talk anymore and pretended I need to go out but, of course, Chandler stopped me by blocking my way.

I eyed him which he returned amusingly. I couldn’t help but sigh in frustration and annoyance. I’m also starting to fear of the annoyed looks I was getting from the other students.

“Will you move?”

He raised an eyebrow. “We’re still talking,” he said like he was talking to an insane girl. Right, I will be soon.

“Excuse me but I need to go to the bathroom,” I said between my gritted teeth, crossed my arms. I was clearly gaining a nonexistent courage to talk loudly enough for everyone to hear. My mere sentence earned gasps mostly from girls. Oh why, surprise.

Chandler is a big hot shot. Recently scouted as part of the country’s soccer and fencing team representative before he even gets to college made it clear that he’s good at sports. He also made it clear that he’s a certified arrogant asshole when he turned down both offers on the spot.

“Who are you texting to?” Chandler challenged ignoring what I said. My annoyance just grew, reaching a new level of heights.

“I said it’s none of your—”

“Business. But then, it is sunshine,” he cut me and my jaw dropped. I was about to make a way out knowing I will be in trouble if I’ll continue this.

“Huh, Chandler?” one of the Barbie dolls asked. I turned to the popular group and all of them are equally confused as the students.

“You can’t be serious, Chandler,” I hissed glaring at him but horrified at the same time. “Of course, it’s none of your concerns or… b-business,” I spoke loudly almost pleading. I threw a warning look to him.

But, Chandler Shitty Fox only smirked at me, mouthing, “It is.”

No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no. I chanted to myself thinking it would help like some genie will come out somewhere, and will grant my wish to stop the time, so I could kick this jerk’s mouth until he couldn’t utter a single word! I sucked in a breath. I was kidding myself with the bullshit. I knew I won’t be able to stop Chandler’s wicked plan.

And just like Hiroshima Bomb dropped straight to everyone’s ear…

“It is my concern, of course. You’re under my care since we’re living together,” he announced nonchalantly while everyone’s jaw dropped. I internally screamed while my head was having a raging storm of thoughts. The last thing I should think right now is what to eat later, right? Knowing I was just thrown to a depth of despair and girls are now making a plan of how to bury me….alive.

After few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Chandler spoke again clearly satisfied with everyone’s reaction. ARGH! CHANDLER JERKASS FOX!

“For 6 years,” he added and all hell broke loose.


Before Mercy – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I woke up feeling better than 3 hours ago. Luckily, I didn’t have another nightmare when I slept again.

The first person who came to my mind?

Chandler Fox.

The way he snapped at me when I refused to fulfill his curiosity. I can’t be guilty of how I treated him. But no matter I ignore it, I am feeling it for some unknown reason. Chandler Fox is not exactly my friend, we are like Tom and Jerry. He intentionally irritates and annoys me. It will be plain weird to go friendly and have a heart-to-heart talk session with him. Isn’t that more awkward?

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